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Cannabis finally legal in California

On November 9th at 12:00 am, Californians began to enjoy new protections from the failed 'war on drugs' with the passing of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a statewide proposition that not only decriminalizes possession and use of the... Read Full Article

Mexico President Watching California Recreational Marijuana Vote

During the 2016 year Pena Nieto has been delving into the realm of marijuana legalization, having proposed relaxing the country's marijuana laws and throwing his support behind a bill that would legalize up to an ounce of cannabis for personal use. T... Read Full Article

Washington State To Step Up Pesticide Testing For Cannabis

Marijuana produced in Washington has required that crops be tested for mold and fungus since recreational sales began in the state but screening for pesticides has not been a regular part of the program. Since the first licensed recreational crops we... Read Full Article

San Francisco hospital is pushing for on-site cannabis consumption

When it comes to medications administered to patients in a healthcare facility, you won't currently find any kind of cannabis-related medicine. But a doctor at Marin General Hospital in San Francisco is looking to change that. Dr. Larry Bedard is a r... Read Full Article

2016 is the year of cannabis... where does your state stand?

2016 has been a ground-breaking year for the cannabis industry and has helped lead to many more states approving medical marijuana and flirting with recreational adult use. Get the scoop on which states have cannabis on the ballot this November.

Italy begins course toward cannabis legalization

With Italian lawmakers currently discussing details legalization of recreational cannabis, these recent announcements are further evidence of the shift in attitude toward cannabis reform in Italy.

Relax... cannabis use does not cause premature birth or low birth weight

Expecting mothers can breathe a sigh a relief as study on cannabis use during pregnancy shows no correlation for premature births and low birth weight!

Alaska hands out first recreational cannabis license

With a round of applause from those in attendance, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board met to hand out the state's first retail cannabis license to the owners of Frozen Budz in Fairbanks. Nick and Destiny Neade were awarded the license after their app... Read Full Article

Democrats back pathway to marijuana legalization

Democrats are making the issue of marijuana legalization part of their party platform. In an apparent nod and concession to Bernie Sander's unsuccessful but extremely popular bid for presidency, Democrats have narrowly passed an amendment that would... Read Full Article

*Breaking News* Care By Design - Absolute Xtracts being raided

A federal multi-task force is currently in the process of raiding the Care By Design facility, the same company responsible for Absolute Xtracts. Care By Design has become a name synonymous with CBD. From helping children obtain high quality safe C... Read Full Article

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