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Pirate Candy Company Quadzilla Milk Chocolate Review and Information

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Utilizing a proprietary multi-strain RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) formula, these medicated treats are available in 240 mg. Made with two kinds of Belgium chocolate expertly blended together, these medicated treats are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate edibles as well as an appealing sugar-free chocolate edible. All Pirate Candy Company chocolates are lab tested assuring a reliable and consistent dose in each delectable bite.


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My biggest pet peeve about edibles is you can taste the medicine. Pirate Candy is a very tasty chocolate bar. After ingesting half the Quadrillion bar it took about 45 minutes and then I needed something to do. Felt a sative type up. I also after about an hour and a half a combination focus but relaxed body. This is a very balanced feel.

davism @ 18 Jul 2015 05:13PM

Oakland, CA

No lab analysis available

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