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Cannadiol Cannadiol Joint & Muscle Balm Review and Information

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All-natural topical relief has never felt so good! Cannadiol® Joint & Muscle Balm is a brand new topical formulated to provide all-natural relief for your daily aches and pains! This versatile product can be used to aid the relief of a wide variety of soft-tissue maladies. It can also be used before exercise or physical exertion to “warm up” stiff joints and muscles! Unlike similar products which use concentrated synthetic analgesics to mask the pain (or cause severe rashes and burns!), Cannadiol® Joint & Muscle Balm’s all-natural formula synergizes with the body’s own anti-inflammatory response to mitigate discomfort at the source. There are several other “emu oil”-based liniments on the market, but most have only a small amount of actual emu oil buried under a list of cheap fillers. Despite its cost, superior quality emu oil is the first ingredient in Cannadiol® Joint & Muscle Balm. Emu oil has a long history of medicinal use among native Australians and a growing body of modern medical, and anecdotal evidence confirms its unparalleled value as a topical anti-inflammatory agent. Due to its chemical similarity to the natural oils produced by human skin, emu oil is able to penetrate deep into soft tissue. This property makes it the perfect carrier for our top quality hemp-based CBD, an anti-inflammatory superstar generously incorporated into Cannadiol® Joint & Muscle Balm. The efficacy of our proprietary formula is further enhanced by the natural analgesic properties of capsaicin, the “heat molecule” we extract from premium cayenne pepper. All Cannadiol® products are made from the most sought after CBD oil; they are also lab-tested for quality-control, made with non-GMO industrial hemp, and 50-state legal. Cannadiol® Joint & Muscle Balm™ is: ▪ All Natural ▪ Kosher ▪ Non-GMO ▪ Pesticide-free ▪ Herbicide-free ▪ Chemical fertilizer-free


Dromiceius novahollandiae (Emu) oil Cera alba (Beeswax) Hemp CBD Oil Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Capsicum frutescens (Cayenne) Extract Cinnamomum camphora (White Camphor) Essential Oil Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Essential Oil \

Recommended Directions

Apply Cannadiol Joint & Muscle Balm directly to skin on target area. It may help to gently massage the area as the balm absorbs into skin. Use to soothe everyday aches and pains, or before physical exertion to aid warm-up, or after a workout as part of a recovery regimen.

Got to try these guys out at HempCon SF. Pretty good topical. Definitely gave me some relief on my bulging disc.

KillinIt @ 25 Jun 2015 07:29PM

Oakland, CA

No lab analysis available

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