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King Kong is an indica-dominant strain that can hit people in several different ways, appealing to indica and sativa fans alike. King Kong is an extremely relaxing strain, melting your worries away. Unlike most heavy indicas, King Kong has an energetic beginning that can only be described as uplifiting and focused. King Kong is great for pain, stress, Depression, Glaucoma and Insomnia.

Appearance and Aroma

Lemon Skunk Floral


King Kong is a highly psychoactive strain that comes may come on slow, but before you know it you will be smiling and ready to engage. King Kong provides a sativa like head high that is often described as uplifitng and focused. For some this may be ideal for social settings, creativity or getting into a good movie. While not so heavy on the indica in the beginning, the more relaxing terpenes will begin to take over at some point. For many, this will lead to couchlock or sleep.

Medical Benefits

King Kong may be an indica strain but exhibits strong effects of both subspecies of cannabis making it good for symptoms of depression, insomnia and many more condition. King Kong often starts out slow with euphoria and and energetic uplift slowly creeping in. King Kong has been known to induce giggles, good moods and in some, a desire to be more social and interactive. The effects from the indica genes provide excellent pain and stress coverage for those who are more social and active. King Kong in low doses acts as an excellent night cap before bed. King Kong can be great for insomnia by relaxing and clearing the mind as well as the rest of your body.


King Kong's parent strain is Ed Rosenthal Super Bud.

No lab analysis available

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