Budtender's Blog #5: How to navigate a cannabis dispensary

As more and more states legalize cannabis for both medical and adult use, and dispensary access opens up furter, it’s important to ensure everyone has a truly satisfying experience. And with the information available today, there’s no rea... Read Full Article

Budtenders Know Best When It Comes to Cannabis

As wildfires rage on and wreak havoc in California, I write this blog from the relative safety, and comfort of a legally permitted cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge in Oakland, California. It’s become quite a respite to be able to esca... Read Full Article

Cannabis finally legal in California

On November 9th at 12:00 am, Californians began to enjoy new protections from the failed 'war on drugs' with the passing of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a statewide proposition that not only decriminalizes possession and us... Read Full Article

Washington State To Step Up Pesticide Testing For Cannabis

It's been nearly four years since Washington state residents voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November 2012. Systems have been implemented to tax and regulate the different facets of the state's retail cannabis industry ... Read Full Article

*Breaking News* Care By Design - Absolute Xtracts being raided

Sonoma, CA --- A federal multi-task force is currently in the process of raiding the Care By Design facility, the same company responsible for Absolute Xtracts.  Care By Design has become a name synonymous with CBD.  From helping children o... Read Full Article

Hempcon Cup SF 420 Weekend Exhibitors List

Want to know who is going to be at the giant Hempcon 420 celebration?   Don't miss out on your chance to meet up with the best breeders, extractors, infusers, glass blowers and innovators of the industry.  it's your ... Read Full Article

Bern pharmacies gear up for pot pilot project

Bern pharmacies gear up for marijuana pilot project Medical marijuana may soon be available at pharmacies in the Swiss capitol city of Bern under a project by Bern University. On Monday, the city government announced the commission of the uni... Read Full Article

Cops charged with theft and vandalism after Santa Ana Dispensary Raid

Santa Ana cops charged with eating cookies, smashing cameras in pot-shop raid Three police officers from Santa Ana, California were charged yesterday for smashing surveillance equipment and eating marijuana edibles during the raid of the Sky High ... Read Full Article

Colorado issues largest official state recall yet for unsafe cannabis products

  State officials in Colorado have issued a recall on some marijuana and infused products that were shown to have been made with plants containing detectable levels of Myclobutinil, a fungicidal pesticide widely used to prevent mild... Read Full Article

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