Cannabis and Hemp Health Articles

Cannabis can help support a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Cannabis Users Drink Less and Have Fewer Alcohol-Related Problems

Compared to those without medical cannabis recommendations, cannabis users with medical cannabis recommendations had 0.59 times fewer drinks per day A new study came to the conclusion that cannabis users with medical cannabis recommendations d... Read Full Article

CBD Prevents THC From Lowering Ocular Pressure

While CBD is being touted by many across the globe as a cure all, a newly-published study found that THC in marijuana has strong eye benefits for glaucoma patients and that CBD actually blocks those beneficial effects. One of the most commonly propos... Read Full Article

New Cannabis Research Study Shows Marijuana Does Not Cause Brain Damage

Researchers recently concluded, after comparing the brain morphology of 140 cannabis consumers and 121 people in a control group, that cannabis doesn't cause brain damage.   Researchers found that marijuana use had “no signific... Read Full Article

CBD: How It Works, Why It Works, and Why It's Everywhere

Legal CBD offers symptom relief for a number of conditions.   You may have noticed that products containing the cannabinoid CBD are everywhere these days, not just in dispensaries and recreational-cannabis shops. Websites selling CBD produ... Read Full Article

California's Proposition 65 - Cannabis and Cancer Warnings

Cannabis Businesses Must Comply or Face High Fines Commercial cannabis in the state of California has a peculiar proposition hanging over it’s shoulder. In 1986, the voters of California passed proposition 65, also known as the Safe Water an... Read Full Article

Consumer Warning: Dextromethorphan, found in CBD vape pens

Vaping is often touted as being less harmful. But this is not always the case in the land of the unregulated cannabis industry, where a recent study showed cannabidiol (CBD) e-liquid products have some undetermined occurrence of adulterations with dr... Read Full Article

Introduction to Cannabis-Infused Products

Cannabis Has Many Alternative Cannabis-Infused Products for Seniors and New Consumers Cannabis-infused products are made by cooking cannabis in oil or butter and straining out the plant matter. The infused oil (or another concentrate, such as... Read Full Article

Is Eating and Juicing Cannabis Flowers Good For You?

Most cannabis users are familiar with dried cannabis flowers, which are the buds you smoke or vape. Before selling them, growers dry and cure buds to allow the plant to use up any remaining sugars and nutrients. This allows the true flavor to come th... Read Full Article

Is CBD safe for dogs and cats?

More and more people are turning to cannabis to seek relief for their pets.  Whether it’s from seizures, arthritis, anxiety, pain or itching, pet owners across the world are increasingly seeing the benefits of CBD for their cats and dogs. ... Read Full Article

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