Keep up to date on the fight to end the US prohibition on cannabis.

Lack of Diversity at Publicly Traded Cannabis Companies: The Consequences of Excluding Women and Minorities

With more and more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, the industry is only growing more lucrative. As social stigma fades and the willingness of banks to work with cannabis businesses increases, investors and entrepreneurs are jumpi... Read Full Article

Hashing Out California’s Final Cannabis Regulations Cannabis with Attorney Dominic Ripoli

Final changes to California's Cannabis Regulations   California’s newest cannabis regulations have been in place for nearly three months, and the industry is settling into the latest changes. This is the third set of regulations,... Read Full Article

H.R. 420 – The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act - A California Attorney Weighs In

HR 420 - THe Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act   H.R. 420 is a piece of legislation introduced to Congress by U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) who currently is the co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. H.R. 420 is one of three s... Read Full Article

The Growth of Corporate Cannabis

 Was Kevin Sabet Right All Along About Big Marijuana and the Growth of Corporate Cannabis?   Legalization of adult social use marijuana only began in 2012, yet it’s already a multi-billion dollar industry. As 2018 came to a clos... Read Full Article

Just The Facts: Fourteen Facts About The Drug War To Keep In Mind As 2019 Unfolds

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health is an annual survey conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. They report that in 2017, an estimated 26 million Americans aged 12 or older were current (past-month) users of marijuana. &nb... Read Full Article

Is CBD oil legal? How the 2018 Farm Bill Changes the Accessibility of CBD products

CBD oil is massively popular, and when you look at the anecdotal evidence, it’s easy to see why. A quick Google search reveals myriad testimonials about the physical and mental illnesses it can treat or cure, from anxiety to cancer. Although no... Read Full Article

East Coast Cannabis Report

The East Coast still lags behind the West when it comes to cannabis legalization, but times are finally changing – at least in the Northern states. Maine, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and Vermont have legalized recreational cannabis... Read Full Article

State, Federal, and International Cannabis Laws

Marijuana law reform made huge gains in the 2018 midterm elections, both at the state level and in Congress, and reforms are also being considered at the international level. Michigan Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to legali... Read Full Article

California's Proposition 65 - Cannabis and Cancer Warnings

Cannabis Businesses Must Comply or Face High Fines Commercial cannabis in the state of California has a peculiar proposition hanging over it’s shoulder. In 1986, the voters of California passed proposition 65, also known as the Safe Water an... Read Full Article

Understanding California's Proposition 64 - A detailed look at the nation's hottest cannabis market

With 331 pages of “proposed new regulations” (expected to be officially adopted by January 2019) and 120 pages of current “re-adopted regulations,” Prop 64 requires hours of focused reading in order to grasp the boundaries of ... Read Full Article

South Korea becomes first nation in East Asia to legalize medical cannabis

South Korea, in a bold move, voted to amend the Act on the Management of Narcotic Drugs illuminating the path to legal medical cannabis.  The conservative country is the first in the region with a medical cannabis program and one not many though... Read Full Article

Ibudtender Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving, From our Family to Yours!

  Happy Danksgiving! If you are a fan of cannabis, or even just a fan of legalizing cannabis, there are many things to appreciate this holiday season:   Weed is winning! Right now, there are 33 states that have enacted some for... Read Full Article

California's new adult use cannabis laws for 2018

2018 will be a big year for the adult use and medical cannabis industry, especially in California where prohibition has been fully overturned legally for the largest cannabis producing and consumption state.  It has been over 20 years ... Read Full Article

Cannabis finally legal in California

On November 9th at 12:00 am, Californians began to enjoy new protections from the failed 'war on drugs' with the passing of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a statewide proposition that not only decriminalizes possession and us... Read Full Article

Mexico President Watching California Recreational Marijuana Vote

California made history in 1996 when it passed Prop 215 (The Compassionate Use Act) and became the first state to allow patients with a doctor's recommendation to use medical cannabis. In the twenty years since, residents of the state have create... Read Full Article

2016 is the year of cannabis... where does your state stand?

The 2016 year has seen an unprecedented number of states jumping in on the ever-growing cannabis law reform movement. This coming November, voters in a total of eight states will have the opportunity to vote on marijuana initiatives in both the recre... Read Full Article

Italy begins course toward cannabis legalization

In 2016, cannabis remains illegal in most places around the world. According to statistics, someone gets arrested for marijuana possession every minute in the United States alone. The American Civil Liberties Union estimates that excluding adjudicati... Read Full Article

Alaska hands out first recreational cannabis license

With a round of applause from those in attendance, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board met to hand out the state's first retail cannabis license to the owners of Frozen Budz in Fairbanks. Nick and Destiny Neade were awarded the license after t... Read Full Article

Democrats back pathway to marijuana legalization

Democrats are making the issue of marijuana legalization part of their party platform.  In an apparent nod and concession to Bernie Sander's unsuccessful but extremely popular bid for presidency, Democrats have narrowly passed an amendm... Read Full Article

*Breaking News* Care By Design - Absolute Xtracts being raided

Sonoma, CA --- A federal multi-task force is currently in the process of raiding the Care By Design facility, the same company responsible for Absolute Xtracts.  Care By Design has become a name synonymous with CBD.  From helping children o... Read Full Article

Oaklahoma and Nebraska v Colorado will not be heard by SCOTUS

Oaklahoma and Nebraska sued Colorado over their recreational cannabis laws Today marks another landmark victory for the cannabis industry as the Supreme Court has voted not to take on Colorado status of legal recreational cannabis.  Over a ye... Read Full Article

A Canadian Man Pledges to Give Away a Million Pot Seeds for 'Victory Gardens'

A Pledge to Give Away a Million Pot Seeds in Canada Canadian cannabis activist Dana Larsen, was previously busy sending out copies of his Canadian cannabis history book along with grams of marijuana to all 184 Liberal Members of Parliament. He als... Read Full Article

Hemp is coming to Hawaii!

Hawaiian lawmakers unanimously vote to legalize hemp production within the state of Hawaii.  Hemp Hemp Hooray!  

Loud Louisiana

Although Louisiana voted to legalize medicinal marijuana more than twenty years ago in 1991, the state never actually created a means by which it could be legally distributed.  Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two bills,  this past Monday that may ... Read Full Article

Oregon legalizes free cannabis!

Half a year ago the state of Oregon voted to allow the possession of up to eight ounces of recreational marijuana for those twenty-one years of age or older.  However, there is a catch--marijuana can not be bought, sold, or traded, but instead m... Read Full Article

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