Where Did “420” Originate?

Like many people, I first heard the term “420” in college. I went to the University of Arkansas the early ‘90s, and, in true hippie-party-school tradition, I first smoked cannabis out of a giant Grateful Dead bong. My roommate Brand... Read Full Article

Interview with a Dispensary Buyer at Hi Fidelity in Berkeley

Iconic Berkeley, CA, record store Amoeba Music opened a dispensary next door to its space on Telegraph Avenue in the summer of 2018. The fledgling business has already generated quite a buzz, both literally and figuratively. Buyer Chris Garcia works ... Read Full Article

Seniors Ask: Can cannabis help me enjoy a healthy sex life now that I am over 70?

Back in the ’70s, I took a psychology class at Kankakee Community College in Illinois. I remember the teacher saying men reached their sexual peak at 18 and women at 30. She also said men usually climax in 3 to 5 minutes; women took 20 minutes ... Read Full Article

Budtender’s Blog #3 – Meet Seibo Shen and his Newest Vape Technology, the Hanu Stone

As a budtender, I get asked a lot of questions about cannabis e-vape technology, and have to inform people that it's still somewhat limited, even when it comes to new innovations like C cell batteries. Think of vaporizers a bit like cell phones -... Read Full Article

Presto Doctor: Meet a Premier East Coast Medical Marijuana Telemed Company

On the day after Christmas, like many people, I sat on the couch in my pajamas, sipping coffee and staring at my laptop. I wasn’t watching Netflix or taking a Facebook quiz, though; instead, I was waiting for my evaluation to become a New York ... Read Full Article

Seniors ask: Do I Really Have an Endocannabinoid System, and What Does it Do?

In 1963, when I started nurse’s training, John F. Kennedy was the president, Jackie was the first lady, and, if I played my cards right, Prince Charles might wait for me to grow up before he found a bride. Life was good.   By the tim... Read Full Article

So You Want to Start a Cannabis Business

Start Your Cannabis Business and Turn Your Cannabis-Industry Dream into Reality   As nationwide legalization begins to seem inevitable, more and more people are looking to make money in the cannabis industry. Turn on the radio in New York,... Read Full Article

Last minute gifts for the cannabis aficionado in your life

We’ve all been guilty of procrastinating, and the holidays are no different. Is your friend, family, significant other or loved one 420 Friendly? If so, we’ve got you covered.   Puffco Peak     This on-th... Read Full Article

Budtender’s Blog #2 - DIY Dabs: Making rosin at home

Learning to making rosin at home with simple tools As a budtender of one of the world's coolest cannabis dispensaries, Magnolia Oakland, I can guarantee the best views are always behind the counter. With a full calendar of classes and events, ... Read Full Article

Cannabis Terminology

Understanding the New Marijuana Lingo Butane hash oil (BHO):  Sticky, resinous substance created by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Liquid butane is the solvent that dissolves the trichome shells and releases... Read Full Article

There Are No Secrets to Growing High Quality Cannabis at Home

There are no secrets or magic-bullet techniques to growing high-quality cannabis at home; all you have to do is follow a few simple principles. Many people overthink it, and try to employ every trick they have ever heard from their friends to boost p... Read Full Article

Introduction to Cannabis-Infused Products

Cannabis Has Many Alternative Cannabis-Infused Products for Seniors and New Consumers Cannabis-infused products are made by cooking cannabis in oil or butter and straining out the plant matter. The infused oil (or another concentrate, such as... Read Full Article

Ibudtender Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving, From our Family to Yours!

  Happy Danksgiving! If you are a fan of cannabis, or even just a fan of legalizing cannabis, there are many things to appreciate this holiday season:   Weed is winning! Right now, there are 33 states that have enacted some for... Read Full Article

High Times 'Cannabis Cup' denied recreational cannabis event permit for 4/20

There have already been several cancelled cannabis events this year and it seems more will be coming if they are not abiding by the new state laws.  High Times, a company with a long history leading the counter-cultural movements regarding marij... Read Full Article

Cannabis events heating up

There are no shortages of cannabis themed events these days,  Every weekend there are popup seshes, local farmer's markets, competitions and festivals.  With so many, how do you choose which to attend?  We have compiled a list of u... Read Full Article

Cannabis finally legal in California

On November 9th at 12:00 am, Californians began to enjoy new protections from the failed 'war on drugs' with the passing of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a statewide proposition that not only decriminalizes possession and us... Read Full Article

Mexico President Watching California Recreational Marijuana Vote

California made history in 1996 when it passed Prop 215 (The Compassionate Use Act) and became the first state to allow patients with a doctor's recommendation to use medical cannabis. In the twenty years since, residents of the state have create... Read Full Article

2016 is the year of cannabis... where does your state stand?

The 2016 year has seen an unprecedented number of states jumping in on the ever-growing cannabis law reform movement. This coming November, voters in a total of eight states will have the opportunity to vote on marijuana initiatives in both the recre... Read Full Article

Italy begins course toward cannabis legalization

In 2016, cannabis remains illegal in most places around the world. According to statistics, someone gets arrested for marijuana possession every minute in the United States alone. The American Civil Liberties Union estimates that excluding adjudicati... Read Full Article

Alaska hands out first recreational cannabis license

With a round of applause from those in attendance, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board met to hand out the state's first retail cannabis license to the owners of Frozen Budz in Fairbanks. Nick and Destiny Neade were awarded the license after t... Read Full Article

Oaklahoma and Nebraska v Colorado will not be heard by SCOTUS

Oaklahoma and Nebraska sued Colorado over their recreational cannabis laws Today marks another landmark victory for the cannabis industry as the Supreme Court has voted not to take on Colorado status of legal recreational cannabis.  Over a ye... Read Full Article

Whose Local to the LocalSesh San Diego by Medicinal Mke

by Medicinal Michael Boris The Local Sesh San Diego is a legal cannabis industry event promoting safety in cannabis as well as de-stigmatizing the community. They are the biggest event San Diego has yet to see for medical cannabis and indeed the s... Read Full Article

Godfather of WWE to Receive NugLife Productions Advocate Cannabis Achievement Award

The Godfather Charles Wright (Bear) born in California May 16th 1961. Charles wrestled in the WWF/WWE from 1991-2002 and has 4 wonderful children and a beautiful wife. Charles is being honored at this years Las Vegas Hempfestival June 4th 2016 for h... Read Full Article

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