Hempcon Cup Finals San Bernardino 2015 (Finals)

Hempcon Cup Finals San Bernardino 2015 (Finals) Event Details

Farmers Market |

Dates: Nov 06, 2015 - Nov 08, 2015

Held At: NOS Events Center
City/State: ,

The Hempcon Cup Finals 2015

Alongside the Hempcon Cup finals, a season finale competition was added for those who could not enter the finals.  As always, the entrants brought the best of the best and were judged by 2 sets of judges, Patients and Industry Professionals.  Ranked 1-10 for 6 different attributes, each entry was judged and tested for safety, quality and potency.

The Hempcon Cup Finals Winners! 

1st Best Infused Product Amore CBD Bath Bomb
2nd Best Infused Product Amore THC Bath Bomb
1st Best New Product W Vapes Hybrid Vape Pen
1st Best Topical Achelois Achelois Freedom Lotion
1st Best Candy MediPops/ CCCN Blood Orange Medipop
2nd Best Candy Dabbenport/Blazed Goddess Blazed Goddess Gumi
1st Best Dessert Gold Drop/Glowing Buddha Baked Bees Medicated Honey
2nd Best Dessert MediPops/CCCN Vegan XXX Brownie Bite
1st Best Edible MediPops/CCCN French Macarons
2nd Best Edible Utopia Farms Dark Chocolate Macaroon
1st Best Hybrid Flower Advantage Healing Inc. GSC
1st Best Indica flower SCMD Syrup OG
2nd Best Indica Flower Stage Coach Extracts Purple Cadillac
1st Best Sativa Flower OG Steve OG Steves Personal Stash Purple Tangle
1st Best Cartridge Gold Drop Godfather OG
2nd Best Cartridge Gold Drop Fruity Pebbles
1st Best Blend Dabbenport Charlies Ghost Candy
2nd Best Blend Dab Face OG Jack
1st Best CO2 California Sap Co2
1st Best Shatter Gold Drop Sweet Island Skunk
2nd Best Shatter Gold Drop Soul Assassin OG
1st Best Wax Critical Concentrates Capital OG Sugar Wax Live Resin
2nd Best Wax Critical Concentrates Kush Cleaner Sugar Sugar Wax Live Resin
1st Best Oil THC Parmaceuticals J-1
2nd Best Oil SpOILed Patients Diesel Maui Dawg
  Best CBD Dab Face OG Jack
  Highest Terpenes California Sap High Terpene Sap
  Connoisseur Edible Gold Drop/Glowing Buddha Baked Bees Medicated Honey
  Connoisseur Flower SCMD Syrup OG
  Connoisseur Concentrate THC Parmaceuticals J-1



Alpha Medic INC.
Amber Glass Water Pipes
BHOgart Extractors
Critical Concentrates
Downtown Natural Care
Dynasty Organics
Farms of Trinity Forest
Florin Wellness
Garden of Eden
Grahams Brand
Green Life  
Happy Hemp Treats
Highway 29 HealthCare
Honey Bear Hives
Infused Creations
Jetty Extracts
King Medicine 
King Volcano
Law Offices of Margolin & Lawrance
M.Jay Wear
Mags Vets Cannabis Cure
Medizen Inc
Miss Oddetes BBQ Sauce
Motavation Clothing
Organic Extractions
Purple Frost
Rancho Mirrage Organics
Royal Gold
SCMD Industries Inc
Shatter Tanks
Shatter The World
So Cal Seed Co. 
Socal Organics
Spiritual Journey
Stage Coach
Sticky Buds Apparel
The Saltwater DA
Trikom Treats
Venice Cookie Company
West Coast Harvest
Advantage Healing Inc
Ary Distribution
C.S.C Association
Compassionate Patient Association
Connoisseur Direct
Country Club Wellness
Deep Concentration
Emerald City  
Gold Drop 
Greentree Express 
Hashman & Waxman
Iscream Canoli
J & B Promotions
Korova Edibles
Law Office of Meital Manzuri
Mari Jane Collection LLC
Mr. Nice Guy
Revolution Health Center
San Jose 420 Evaluation
Sinai Wholesale 
Speedee Trim LLC (The G Garden Products Inc.)
Sun Fed Inc
Team One BailBonds
THC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Von Baron Farms




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