Hempcon Cup San Francisco 2015

Hempcon Cup San Francisco 2015 Event Details

Farmers Market |

Dates: Apr 17, 2015 - Apr 19, 2015

Held At: Cow Palace
City/State: ,

Hempcon Cup san Francisco 2015

Full list of competition winners for the Hempcon Cup San Francisco 2015


1st Place Best New Product - Original Thin Mint Marijuana Cigarettes by California Finest
2nd Place Best New Product - Bhang Crisp THC Mint Spray by Bhang Chocolates

1st Place Best Personal Vaporizer - Stag Vapor Co Complete Skillet Kit by Stag Vapor

1st Place Best Infused Product - Pineapple Sutra Full Nug Run Cartgridge by Shatter Tanks
2nd Place Best Infused Product - Bhang Black Cartridge (Ind/Sat Hyb) by Bhang Chocolates

1st Place Best Topical - Freedom Lotion by Achelois
2nd Place Best Topical - Joint and Muscle Balm by Cannbidiol

1st Place Best CBD - CBD Mint Bar 180mg by Daydreamers
2nd Place Best CBD - Mr. Dabs Holy Annointing Oil by Mr. Dabs

1st Place Best Edible - Peanut Butter Chunk Cookie by House of Dank 
2nd Place Best Edible - Mint Hot Cocoa by Jane's Brew
3rd Place Best Edible - Slumper Bar by Dee Dee's Slumper Bars

1st Place Best Edible Candy - Og Steve's Dooby Snacks by OG Steve
2nd Place Best Edible Candy - Medicated White Chocolate Horchata by Medibrothers
3rd Place Best Edible Candy - Trichrome Toffee Crunch by BAKED Medicinal Edibles

1st Place Best Edible Dessert - Mint Chip Ice Cream by Cannabis Creamery
2nd Place Best Edible Dessert - Peppermint Phatty by Sweet Temptations

1st Place Best Sativa - Kosher Jack by CCCN/Pearl Pharma
2nd Place Best Sativa - Schamell #9 by Purple Frost
3rd Place Best Sativa - White Buffalo by Vallejo Patients Care

1st Place Best Hybrid - 777 Thin Mint Cookies by Highway 29 Healthcare
2nd Place Best Hybrid - 777 Gorilla Glue #7 by Highway 29 Healthcare
3rd Place Best Hybrid - AK-47 by C5 Ink

1st Place Best Indica - Medi-USA by Vallejo Patients Care
2nd Place Best Indica - Alum Rock OG by Graham's Collective
3rd Place Best Indica - Pearl OG by CCCN/Pearl Pharma

1st Place Best Non Solvent - Fruity Pebbles Nectar by Organic Growers United

1st Place Best Co2 - Santa Cruz Sap God's Gift by Santa Cruz Sap

1st Place Best Oil - J-1 by THC Pharmaceuticals

1st Place Best Shatter - Pure 777 Blackjack by Highway 29 healthcare
2nd Place Best Shatter - Skywalker OG Nugrun by BJ Extracts

1st Place Best Wax - Kush Cleaner Sugar Wax by Critical Concentrates
2nd Place Best Wax - Chemdawg Super Sugar by Mr. Dabs

HIGHEST TERPS - Holy Water by SpOILed Patients

CONNOISSEUR EDIBLE - OG Steve's Dooby Snacks by OG Steve

CONNOISSER FLOWER - 777 Thin Mint Cookies by Highway 29 Healthcare

CONNOISSEUR CONCENTRATE - Fruity Pebbles Nectar by Organic Growers United




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