The Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup Event Details

Farmers Market |

Dates: Dec 13, 2014 - Dec 14, 2014

Held At: Sonoma County Fairgrounds
City/State: ,

The 11th annual Emerald Cup was the biggest yet with over 600 entries.  Here are the best of the bunch.


Top 20 Flowers 2014

1st,  Joe, Sweet Seranade, Entry #9

Diesl x Oger, Seed, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 26.51, CBD 0.07, Beauty Parlor Smell, Tastes like Grandmas Closet, Lemon Zest, Expansive

2nd, Mean Gene from Aficionado, Black Lime Reserve, Entry #164

Oil Can x NL x Lime Afgani x PK x Chemdawg SR, Seed, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 18.8, CBD 0.04, Lemon Lime Funk, Comes in Waves, Nose Bleed Stink, Terp City

3rd, Budonymous & Ganja Girl Scout, Cheese, Entry #347

Unknown, Clone, Lake, THC 16.76, CBD 0.09, Roasted Peppers, STINKY FUNK, Smoked the Whole Joint, Trip Down Memory Lane

4th, Juan,  Sin Valley OG, Entry #24

SFV OG x Blue Power, Seed, Sonoma, THC 16.96, CBD 0.05, Flavor Town, Dirty Armpit Taste, Vibratory Head Stone, Deep Kush

5th, Terp Hogz, Zkittlez, Entry #470

Clone, Mendocino, THC 17.96, CBD 0.08, Tangerine Tequila Lime, Full Headed, Fruitlicious, 4th Leg

6th, 3rd Gen Family/Dying Breed Seeds/Terp Hogz, Zkittlez #8, Entry #570

Select Clone from Seed Stock, Clone, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 17.93, CBD 0.05, Turpene Jar Jumper, Fruity & Fuely, Flavor all the Way Through

7th, Tar Hill Cannabis, Reserve, Entry #505

OG Kush x Chemdawg, Clone, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 25.36, CBD 0.06, Spilled Gas in the Trunk, Raspberry Sauce, Deer in Headlights, En Fuego

8th, Pearly Sweetcakes, Clementine, Entry #82

Agent Orange x Skunk #1 x Lebanese Blueberry, Seed, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 22.14, CBD 0.01, Lemon Tar, A+ Sample, Elmers Glue, Euphoric & Uplifting

9th, Karl - Eden Farms, Durban Poison, Entry #611

Unspecified, Clone, Humboldt, THC 16.81, CBD 0.07, Sculpted like a Michaelangelo, Pungent Stank, This is NOT Durban

10th, Mean Gene, Cherry Limeade #9, Entry #301

Cherry Pie S1 x Blacklime F2, Seed, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 17.65, CBD 0.05, It Really Smells Like A Babies Diaper, Sour Lime Cherry, Perfecto A+++

11th, Loompa Farms, Loompa Farms Yeti #48, Entry #440

Underdog x Select Male, Seed, Breeder, Trinity, THC 26.86, CBD 0.07, Chunky & Resenous, Earthy Kush, Anise, Where Can I get a Pound of This?

12th, Gene, Blackberry Kush x Sour Diesel, Entry #407

Blackberry Kush x Sour Diesel, Seed, Breeder, Yuba, THC 23.82, CBD 0.05, Beautiful White Ash, Downward Dog, Evolution of Flavors, Stoney

13th, Good Seed Collective, Cherry Garcia Band, Entry #330

Cherry Garcia x Sour Band, Clone, Breeder, THC 25.52, CBD 0.05, Rotted Fruit Odor, Sour Lemon tree, Im ON Your Team, Citrus Explosion

14th, Jeff,  SFVOG, Entry #96

Clone, Triity, THC 26.79, CBD 0.04, Potent Fuel, Peppermint Bite, Lemon Bite, Glossy Loud & Loud

15th, Good Seed Collective, Sour Dead, Entry #329

Deadhead OG x Sour Diesel, Clone, THC 20.01, CBD 0.06, Pungent Gas Lemon, Oil Spill, Chronic, Hella Sticky

16th, Gold Hill Ganja, CheeseQuake, Entry #223

Exodus Cheese x Quarkle, Clone, El Dorado, THC 21.81, CBD 0.06, Tastes Like Cheese, Soaring High, Delicious

17th, Mendocino Medicinals,  Buddha Cann, Entry #585

Hula Bubba x Cannatsu (THC Dominant), Seed, Breeder, Mendocino, THC 21.87, CBD 0.1, Sticky & Gooey, Sweet Blueberry Essence, Cerebal Pressure

18th, C-RX, Berry White, Entry #593

White Widow x Blueberry Kush, Clone, THC 16.7, CBD 0.06, Rocky Mountain Snowcaps, Floral, Licorice & Wood Smoke, Packs a Surprising Wallop

19th, Charles, Sierra Purps, Entry #361

Mendo Purps x Sour Diesel, Clone, THC 21.65, CBD 0.06, Intense Sour Smell, Drooling on Myself, FIRE, Quality Cannabis

20th, Nectars Genetics, Pine Kush, Entry #449

Headband x (Blue Dream x Sour Diesel), Seed, Breeder, THC 22.36, CBD 0.06, Fresh Applachia Rain, Savory, Leaves Me WANTING MORE

Top 10 Concentrates

1st, Connoisseur OG 73u, Entry#, 74

Bud, Absolutely No Residue, Sweet Candy, Doughy

2nd, Zkittlez 90u, Entry#, 73

Bud, Gas and Citrus, Full Flavor, Super Potent Smoke

3rd, Cookie Stomper 90u, Entry#, 72,

Bud, Rotten Citrus with OG Fuel, Stable, Clear Domes, Full Melt

4th, Pepper (SLH Pheno), Entry#, 71

Bud, FULL MELT, Perfectly Cured & Dried, Spicy Candy

5th, OG Eddy Lepp 90u, Entry#, 75

Bud, Melted like Water, Rotten Oranges, Instantaneous High

6th, Cookie Stomper 73u, Entry#, 68

Bud, Full Melt, 10+ Days at Room Temp No Crystallization

7th, Pie, Entry#, 69

Bud, Great Melt, Anti-Anxiety Effects, Sugary, Psychedelic

8th, Zkittlez X OG Eddy Lepp 90u, Entry#, 70

Bud, Melted like Oil, Fruit with Lemon Back End

9th, Tangerine Power, Entry#, 62

Nug Run, Funky Oranges, Taste Better then Smell, Uplifting, 15% Residual

10th, Covelo Sour Diesel, Entry#, 77

Buds, Hit my Body Fast, Diesel Fuel, Shatter Like, Instant Melt

Additional Contests


Topical & Edible Winners

Flowers (CBD)

1st Place Entry #114 – Guerilla Farms

  • Guerilla Meds (ACDC x Purple Legend)
  • Grown from Seed in Mendocino County
  • 7.98% THC       14.73% CBD

2nd Place Entry #439 – HPRC - Ryan

  • Harle-Tsu
  • Genetics: Sour Tsunami x Harlequin
  • Grown from Seed
  • 21.05% CBD  0.86% THC

3rd Place Entry #568 – Bohemia Botanica

  • Strain: ResinSeeds
  • Genetics: Dr Courtneys Strain
  • Clone
  • 10.16% CBD   11.12% THC

Topicals (CBD)

1st Place Entry #11 – Magnatrophe

  • Transdermal Pain Relief Formula
  • Strain – ACDC

2nd Place Entry #13 – Eric, HBK Farms

  • High CBD COCO Wax

3rd Place Entry #12 – Eric, HBK Farms

  • High CBD  COCO Creme


Concentrate (CBD)

1st Place Entry #66 – HappyTrees 707

  • Hawaiian Trainwreck x Tangerine Power
  • Whole Plant Fresh Frozen
  • 54.67% THC   15.98% CBD

Edibles (CBD)

1st Place #80 – CBD Mendo

  • CBD Tincture – Full Spectrum
  • Strain – ACDC
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan


#69 Lifted Edibles

  • Blueberry Bites
  • Strain: Grape Ape
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan

#81 – CBD Mendo

  • Super Focus Tincture
  • Strain – ACDC & Jahgoo
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan

#92 – Botanadiol

  • Critical Mass Liquid Extract
  • Vegetarian


#57 - Shebas Garden

  • Body Balm
  • Strain – Skywalker OG Seed Starts

#60 – Canna Spirit Creams

  • All-In-One First Aid Cream
  • Strain – Cheese

#59 – Canna Spirit Creams

  • Muscle Soother
  • Strain – Afghan Haze & Amnesia Haze

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