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Can CBD treat the Coronavirus? Fact vs Myth

Can CBD treat the Coronavirus?  Fact vs Myth

Is CBD able to treat the Coronavirus? 

There has been a lot of questioning recently about whether CBD is able to treat the Coronavirus. Is it able to help protect against or treat the Coronavirus?  While there is some legitimacy to the research, there has been no confirmation or clinical studies conducted to date to back the research.  So where does that leave CBD and the Coronavirus? 

Can CBD help protect against Covid-19?

How CBD may be able to help protect against Covid-19

The Coronavirus, in severe cases, causes the body to overreact and release Cytokines.  This kind of overproduction is called a 'Cytokine Storm' and is characterized by a patient's high fever, inflammation, cough and muscle pain.  It is at this point, the body is weakened and in need to external aid in the form of treatments.    

CBD is a naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoid within cannabis plants that interacts and binds with CB receptors in our bodies.  CBD has no euphoric effect on our body unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC.  What cannabinoids are capable of however, is helping to regulate and maintain homeostasis within the body, including helping to regulate your mood and temperature.  Cannabinoids like CBD, are also capable of decreasing pain and inflammation.  Some cannabis strains have higher levels of pinene and other bronchial dilators that can help reduce coughing and open airways.  It was correlations like these with Covid-19 symptoms that sparked the idea that CBD may possibly be able to aid Coronavirus patients a conventional way. 

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So where does the research stand?

Aside from anecdotal evidence and a preliminary, non-peer reviewed study, there is no evidence that cannabis or its derivatives can help with the severe symptoms of Coronavirus.  Further, the FDA has yet to rule whether CBD use is safe and/or carries a risk in conflicting with other medications that may potentially harm a patient.  This new Covid-19 connection has experts recommending that cannabis be studied as a potential treatment for patients with lung inflammation relating to Covid-19.

Fact vs Myth

Some companies, including CBD brands, have unscrupulously declared their products can help either disinfect the air or surfaces, help protect against infection of or treat the symptoms of Covid-19. These claims are untested and should generally be recognized as dangerous until we know more. Spreading misinformation during this pandemic has already caused great harm to our nation, friends and even family. It is true that cannabis compounds such as CBD can have potential benefits for our bodies and especially our minds during this crisis, but the benefits do not help protect the spread or infection or Coronavirus.

Sum it up...

Any benefits from cannabinoids on Covid-19 still require much research.  It is possible that in the end, CBD may wind up helping those suffering from Covid-19.  A more likely outcome is the further research of CBD's anti-inflammatory effects on the body and how it may be able to be used to help treat a wider range of afflictions in the near future.