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CBD and Covid-19: 5 Ways CBD Can Save Your Sanity

CBD and Covid-19: 5 Ways CBD Can Save Your Sanity

CBD and Covid-19

You may be hearing a lot about CBD and Covid-19. You may also be wondering, how cannabis can help during the pandemic? Cannabis is a wonderful, natural plant that has been shown to have many beneficial effects for humans and animals ranging from mood elevation to pain relief. Our bodies are naturally catered to interacting with cannabinoids with 1000's of receptor sites throughout our bodies. If you are new to cannabis or just exploring alternatives, you may be surprised to learn that cannabis businesses were declared an 'essential business' at the beginning of the pandemic. The therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes, the active components within cannabis, especially CBD, have developed into a largely accepted alternative to traditional medication. After decades of prohibition, cannabis is finally be accepted as a medicinal therapy as opposed to just a way to get high. Yes, they are indeed an essential therapeutic part of life... especially during times of crisis.

How can I use CBD to combat the stresses of Coronavirus?

CBD and Covid-19: How does it help?

The enhanced daily stresses from Covid-19 are stressing our body and minds like never before. For most, every aspect of life has changed, from how we get groceries, to how are children are educated, to how we spend our free time. CBD has the ability to reduce stresses and relax the body. During times of high stress and crisis, finding ways to stay calm and reduce worry can be some of the most helpful medicine. Stress can induce pain, inflammations, bad moods, decreased energy, lack of sleep, over sleeping, weight gain, anxiety, anti-social behavior and many other conditions. Hemp-derived CBD products are widely used to alleviate most of these symptoms and conditions and seen as a much more natural way to deal with these issues than over-the-counter and prescription medication. There are many CBD products, from flowers to capsules that are widely used for stress, and stress related issues. When paired with terpenes, the effects are more pronounced due to the 'Entourage Effect' between cannabinoids and terpenes.

What CBD products should I use?

CBD and Covid-19: Hemp Flowers Can Help Alleviate Stress And Other Factors

Flowers and low or micro-dose edibles are a great starting point, especially for new and low tolerance consumers. CBD does have a relaxing effect that can be felt, and as such, overconsuming and getting overly relaxed or even tired is easier to do than you think. You can find CBD rich hemp flowers online with relaxing effects, sleep promoting effects, uplifting effects and even some with energizing effects that can help boost energy levels and focus. Much like high THC strains, hemp flowers are being bred for tailored effects and given names reminiscent of traditional strains. A single puff from a pipe or joint (about 2-5 milligrams) anytime of day can help take the edge off which and can easily increase the number of hits as needed. Flower vaporizers are the healthiest option, help to avoid the thick smoke and actually can provide a more flavorful terpene experience. You will also be able to easily find 'sativa' or uplifting strains for morning and daytime use and 'indica' or sedating strains to promote a heavier relaxation and even sleep. Shop Hemp Flowers on Ibudtender CBD.

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Hemp Infused Edibles

Edibles widely vary in strength and are most often broken down into dosages. Finding a few good low and even micro-dose edibles like mints or gummies can give you a way to relax anytime of the say. A micro-dose will range from 0.5 - 1 or 2 milligrams of CBD per dose. A low dose will have slightly more up to about 5. Start low and go slow so you can find the right level for you that provides the benefits you are looking for.Shop Hemp Edibles on Ibudtender CBD.

Extracts and Vapes

Extracts, or concentrates, are step up from flowers and low dose edibles, but can still be managed to be consumed in lower levels using the proper accessories. CBD vape pens and cartridges are pre-mixed concentrates and carriers that can help keep the dosage lower, usually about 5-10 milligrams per hit. This will have an increased level of relaxation and is commonly used to aid sleep, increase positive feelings and relieve pain. Just like flowers, extracts can be uplifting, relaxing or sleepy so having a few different types for different times of day and uses is beneficial. Extracts also can be found a la carte, or non-infused. CBD concentrates are available as shatters, rosins, waxes, oils, sauces, diamonds, isolates and other various types for those who prefer a more direct method like dabbing. These are typically for more experienced consumers since it can be harder to keep the dosage low enough for many. Shop Hemp Extracts on Ibudtender CBD.


Topicals, while they have a more localized effect, can aid in many ways. They can provide the typical pain and inflammation relief to aid headaches and body aches, but they can also elevate a massage to higher therapeutic value. They can take an ordinary bath and turn it into what can feel like nothing short of a relaxing day at the spa which is not only rejuvenating for your skin and joints but for your mind as well.Shop Hemp Topicals on Ibudtender CBD.

Hemp Aromatherapy

CBD can increase the therapeutic value of aromatherapy. High CBD hemp aromatherapy is available in several forms from essential oils to candles. Hemp aromatherapy essential oils, when diffused, can help increase energy, concentration and even aid sleep depending upon the terpenes present within the essential oil. Lavender, has high amounts of linalool and other relaxing and sedating terpenes when paired with CBD have the potential to aid deeper, more restful sleep. Oils like peppermint, lemon and orange have terpenes that may help increase your energy levels and improve blood circulation as well as elevate your mood. Aromatherapy oils can also be found in products such as CBD bath bombs, CBD bath oils and CBD shower steamers. Shop Hemp Aromatherapy on Ibudtender CBD.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can benefit from CBD. These are just a few ways to dip your toes into ways to use CBD to help relieve some of the stress from the Coronavirus and its effects. Finding the right CBD method and product are the most important parts to having success with CBD.