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CBD for pets? 5 things to know BEFORE you buy!

CBD for pets? 5 things to know BEFORE you buy!

How helpful is CBD for pets?

If you are wondering if CBD is safe for your pets, you are not alone. More and more people are turning to cannabis, specifically hemp, to seek a more natural relief for their pets. Whether it's from seizures, arthritis, anxiety, pain or itching, pet owners across the world are increasingly seeing the benefits of CBD for their cats and dogs.

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Is CBD safe for cats?

Where to find CBD for pets?

A few years ago, it would have been unheard of to find products with CBD for pets in pet stores or even a veterinarian's office. Since CBD is related to cannabis, veterinarians in most states were strictly forbidden from recommending or prescribing CBD for pets, making it more difficult to find recommended sources and even harder to find the right dosage. Today, there are literally hundreds of cannabis infused pet products available in most states and even online. With so many out there, how do you know which are effective and which will work for your cuddly ones?

Choosing the right products with CBD for cats and dogs

CBD, or Cannabidiol, affects the endocannabinoid system in pets much the same as it does in humans providing relief from inflammation, muscle spasms and chronic pain among other benefits. Much like humans, the delivery system affects how much can be absorbed, the effectiveness and the lasting power. Choosing the right type of CBD for pets is critical to the success. You will need to know the differences between isolates, broad spectrum hemp and full spectrum hemp so you can choose the right type.

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CBD Infused Pet Products

Tinctures and oils, typically applied on or under the tongue, provide the fastest results, often showing relief in under 15 minutes. CBD infused water, which utilizes nanotechnology, can also provide relief within minutes and can also be an alternative if your pet does not like to try new foods or drops. Dry foods require digestion for the medicine to take effect and also reduce the bioavailability of the CBD as opposed to the aforementioned methods.

How Much CBD Should You Give Your Pet?

Unfortunately, due to the federal status on cannabis, CBD for pets have few clinical trials to show how much is needed for each treatment type. The right answer is the amount that your pets respond to. Start small and remember they are a fraction of human weight in many cases. As with us, the amount you need highly depends on what you are seeking to provide relief from. Chronic pain would typically require more than treating something like anxiety. Conditions like anxiety and sensitivity to noise could be treated with only a couple milligrams for small cats and dogs while larger ones would benefit from 5-10mg in a serving. Treats are best and can be dosed much easier. If your pet becomes over-medicated, or too relaxed possibly sleepy, ease off the dosage. If they only relax a little but more is required, up the dosage. For conditions like chronic pain and arthritis, use a similar build-up method until you see the desired effects. Over time, your pet may develop a tolerance to the routine amount and require upping the doses to achieve the same effects.

There are good and bad products with CBD for pets.

If your pet exhibits no difference, check your math or consider a new product as not all products are created equal. Since CBD products are not regulated like pharmaceutical products, just like the vitamin world, there are plenty of fakes and products with drastically varying amounts. Finding a good reliable product is key to your pets success using CBD and a longer, happier life!