Fibro blast to the rescue

A 3rd degree burn victim testimonial about Achelois Fibroblast - March 2016

When a camping stove exploded horribly burning Mike Mossmayer of northern California, there wasn't much the doctors said they could do but wait and see how well his skin recovers from the 2nd degree burns. "They insisted I do a skin graft but I refused the surgery… ," Mike recalls opting instead to let nature takes it course. His face, legs and hands were covered in painful blisters as well as typical thickening of the skin, redness and swelling. Skin pigment had largely vanished from his face, hands and legs. In pain and under constant care, his recovery began on January 21st, 2015.

After 8 painful days in the hospital, Mike was sent home to finish his recovery. Upon his arrival, he was given a small glass pump bottle that had lotion inside. He was told he could rub the lotion directly onto his wounds. What happened during the next week was amazing.

"I had second degree burns and deep second degree burns. They insisted I do a skin graft but I refused the surgery."

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Mike began to use the lotion immediately for his burns and damaged skin. "I used 2 to 3 pumps (each pump about the size of a pea) on my face and ears, 1 to 2 pumps on each hand and 2 pumps on my burns on my legs " After about 2 days, Mike began to notice "the redness wasn't so bright and the swelling went down a lot." He continued the use the lotion for 5 more days up to his checkup date.

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"One of the best things about the product is it can be used where open wounds are and it doesn't burn."

15 days after being horribly burned and 7 of those days recovering at home using the lotion, Mike returned to the hospital to the same doctors and nurses who had treated him 2 weeks prior. They were shocked Mike proudly proclaims. "If I've ever seen a doctor's jaw drop it was today." They were shocked "because the nurses [had] said I might not see my pigment return and my hands will be scarred." They took photos and asked how this was possible in such a short time. He showed them the little bottle reading: Achelois Fibro Blast, a medical cannabis infused lotion specifically designed for burns, cuts and wounds.

So what is Fibro Blast?

Fibro Blast is a completely unique addition to the medical cannabis industry. As a baby, a scratch will heal within a day or two because our skin is much more vibrant, elastic and healthy and full of all the rich nutrients. As we age, these protective nutrients deteriorate leaving our skin less elastic, less vibrant, blemished and more resistant to healing quickly. Burns are even more traumatic for skin to heal from, often requiring skin grafts. Fibro Blast by Achelois infuses NouriCel, an FDA approved cocktail of nutrients just like the ones you had when you were a baby that help teach your skin to react more like it did as a baby and grow new, healthy, vibrant, nutrient-rich skin.

This infusion of Nouri-Cel makes the lotion a therapeutic healing cream; a neosporin on steroids if you will that allows your skin to heal faster and healthier than before which is how Mike was able to astonish his doctors with his dramatic recovery. And by infusing CBD and THC he was able to use the medication as natural pain reliever as well making the cream effect in multiple areas, not just skin replenishment. Most topicals focus on providing relief from symptoms or conditions like Headaches or Eczema. Here’s a new one for the medicine cabinet, a true must have!

As for Mike, he continues to use Fibro Blast and his recovery is nothing short of impressive to say the least. I expect we will see a lot more coming from Achelois and hopefully Mike will be a bit more careful while camping. If not, at least he has some backup now.