Hempcon Cup 2017-2018 Finals Winners

Hempcon Cup 2017-2018 Finals Winners

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  • February 20, 2018
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Hempcon Cup Finals 2017-2018 TrophiesThe Hempcon Cup Finals was a the culmination of a year long competiton season beginning last March in Santa Rosa with the Heart of Nature Fest, then the 420 Freedom Fest, followed by the 420 Summer Games and ending with Halloweed. The top competitors from each competition were invited back for a finals round and a chance at a Hempcon Cup Finals trophy.  The competition had a lot of spectacular entries which showed just how much effort, love and artistry goes into making these entries.  
The 2017-2018 Hempcon Cup Finals by Rank and Score
Best Topical
1 Light Pain Relieving Body Cream by Cannaderm 49.8
2 Eucalyptus Spearmint by North Bay Nectar 45.44
3 Miracle Muscle Salve by Sunnabis 42.89
4 Lavender Healing Salve by North Bay Nectar 41.38
Best Candy
1 Jam Reborn and Milk Chocolate Crunch PB Cups by Soul Sugar Kitchen 47.58
2 Jellies: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape by Soul Sugar Kitchen 43.5
Best Edible
1 Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix by Soul Sugar Kitchen 51.4
2 24K Gold Brownie Bites by Bud Bites 48
Best New Product
1 Festival Throat Spray by Sunnabis 44.56
Best Cartridge
1 Rio by Sublime 46.09
Best Sativa
1 Vanish by Purple Frost Genetics 49.42
2 Jack Sparrow by Purple Frost Genetics 46.6
3 Satisfaction by Purple Frost Genetics 44.64
Best Hybrid
1 Acai by Banannrman 48.36
2 Glory Days by Purple Frost Genetics 47.9
3 Honey Badger by Purple Frost Genetics 47.2
4 Master Blaster by Purple Frost Genetics 46.7
Best Indica
1 Grape Soda by Purple Frost Genetics 45.6
2 Star Fox by Purple Frost Genetics 43.08
3 Stargate by Purple Frost Genetics 41.3
Best Rosin   
1 Candyland Rosin by Pez Bro 48.42
Best Wax
1 Strawberry Lemon  by Empress Extracts and Gardens /Connoissuer Botanics/Commune Flowers 47.38
2 Bubba's Gift by Oso Extracts 44
3 Double Lemon OG by Empress Extracts and Gardens & Connoissuer Botanics 37.78
Best Shatter
1 Sour Cookies by Oso Extracts 44.57
Best Oil   
1 Blue Diamonds by SpOILed Patients Collective 50.56
2 Mochi by Old School Extracts 46.55
3 Heady Zprite Live Action by Dabbenport Extracts & 3rd Gen Donald Keydick Farms 44.33
4 Clemen Jaxx Diamond Sauce by Old School Extracts 40.56
Connoisseur Edible - Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix by Soul Sugar Kitchen
Connoisseur Flower - Vanish by Purple Frost Genetics
Connoissuer Concentrate - Blue Diamonds by SpOILed Patients Collective
Congratulations to all the winners.  It was a very tough year with lots of dreams coming true and dreams just out of reach.  We love working and growing with this industry and we are excited to see what 2018 will bring to the Hempcon Cup!

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