It’s a new frontier out there for hemp.  The past 5 years have brought such dramatic change to the industry, its hard to imagine a time before hemp was so prevalent.  You can buy CBD infused cartridges, patches, topicals, edibles and so much more.  It was only a matter of time before hemp infusions invaded other natural therapies – such as aromatherapy.  If aromatherapy is a newer concept to you, don’t feel left out.  Many people who have benefited from it, didn’t necessarily realize they were already using it, and many on a daily basis.  

Aromatherapy has been used as a healing technique for 1000s of years.  The healing power of plants is still used in many modern medicines – from the roots to the branches to the flowers.  Most often, the beneficial compounds are extracted and isolated to be used in pill form.  But we, here at Ibudtender, still prefer the more natural approach to healing, and essentials are high on our list.  

Enter Broad Essentials.

Broad Essentials is a younger, family-owned company.  Lauren Cope, also known as LC on the site, started Broad Essentials with her husband Chris a little over a year ago.  Raising 3 kids with ages ranging from 3 to 14 can be tough.  Lauren began using essential oils to help reduce the stress of day-to-day life while Chris has been using CBD to help combat the stress as well.  In order to facilitate them both, they tried using pre-infused essential oils already on the market.  With no success commercially,  they began making their own infusions of High CBD essential oils – and the company was born. 

High CBD aromatherapy oils, as they like to call them, stand out above the rest.  Most CBD essential oils have very low amounts of the actual CBD oil infused.  Low amounts mean even less make it into your body when diffusing blends or single oils.  With High CBD Essential Oils, there are 2 strengths available.  For new and low tolerance consumers, there are 15mL bottles with 450mg of CBD oil, or about 1.5mg per drop.  For those who use CBD daily, like Chris, there is a higher strength bottle with 1500mg of CBD infused, or 5 mg per drop.  After some base testing with friends, family and then local customers, the company has seen dramatic growth and a real calling for their essential oils – of which there are now more than 20 different aromas!  

Broad Essentials really invested in CBD aromatherapy by infusing some of the most popular oils such as Lavender, Frankincense and Clary Sage.  They even have introduced their own blends for calm, easing your mind, sleep and purifying the air – mostly inspired by the events of 2020.  We were able to get our hands on their Lavender, Cedarwood and even their nearly always sold-out be.Sleep blend.  After a few weeks if using the oils, we have a few things to say about them!


Lavender CBD Essential Oil

As one of the most used essential oils in the world, Lavender was a natural place to start.  Broad Essentials says they partner with the top farms to obtain their essential oils and we believe they have done a good job.  Their lavender, lavendula angustofila, is a wonderfully calming oil that is quite strong but not overpowering.  We first had to try diffusing the oil.  It truly is a breeze to simply add a few drops from the bottle into a diffuser.  We started low, only about 6 drops of the high strength bottle, as we didn’t know how strong the aromas would actually be.  After filling the room with the alluring aromas, we didn’t believe we needed to add any more.  We did find however, that the effects, especially in a small room where we were testing, are quite potent.  It ended our day earlier than expected as the oils made us so calm, it was decided to just head home and enjoy the rest of the day.   The second day we tried the lower strength bottle, same amount of  6drops, and were able to have it diffuse in the background while we worked.  After the 1st tank of water was empty, we chose to take a break as we were all very relaxed but still at full strength to work.  A little later in the afternoon, we blended the Lavender with the Cedarwood.  I can say, at least for myself, I didn’t feel like I had a worry in the world, even though deadlines were looming.  Overall, we had to give the oils 5 stars.  Between the 2 blends we had found our ideal amounts and didn’t feel the need to supplement them with any additional CBD.  Bravo!

be.Sleep CBD Essential Oil Blend

To test the be.Sleep blend, we gave the bottle to our resident tester, Katie, as she is the only one who regularly experiences sleep issues.  After a full week, Katie reported back to us with her results.  She had stopped taking her typical hemp tinctures and gummies in lieu of the essential oil.  While she did find that she had to start the aromatherapy earlier than taking a sublingual or edible, she actually preferred the aromas over ingestion.  As a secondary test, she used her own preferred blend, Serenity by Doterra, to see just how different the effects were.  With the Doterra, she was calmed but it was not as easy to get to sleep as with the Broad Essential Sleep blend.  The CBD was definitely noticeable and when used with an intermittent diffuser, the sleep-promoting effects could be carried through the night.  Another 5 stars for Broad Essentials!

So what makes Broad Essential so effective?

To ensure their quality, Broad Essentials tests every product every step of the way, from when it is grown in the ground, to its extraction, and then again when it is infused into the essential oils.  Their triple testing method helps to produce a natural and effective product that compares to the higher quality essential oils we have tried in the past.  The fact that CBD aromatherapy doesn’t require it to be used topically or orally, does in fact make it a safer and more viable option for many.  With today’s health oriented lifestyles, alternative methods of incorporating CBD are very beneficial and makes it something anyone can use, anytime of the day or night.

Where can you buy Broad Essentials CBD Essential Oils?

Broad Essentials are currently available online at their site (  Their essential oils are surprisingly affordable for their CBD amount and oil quality.  The lower strength 450mg bottles start at $19.99 and the higher strength bottles of 1500mg, start at $29.99 up to over $40 for the more expensive oils like Clary Sage.  Overall, we are quite impressed with what Broad Essentials has to offer and are excited to try more of their products which we hear include bath oils, shower steamers and much more!  Do I hear another review coming soon?