Introduction to Cannabis-Infused Products

Introduction to Cannabis-Infused Products

Cannabis Has Many Alternative Cannabis-Infused Products for Seniors and New Consumers

Cannabis-infused products are made by cooking cannabis in oil or butter and straining out the plant matter. The infused oil (or another concentrate, such as hash or kief) is the base for many of the products you find in dispensaries and shops. Edibles, tea, moisturizer, lip balm, and bath scrubs containing cannabis oil seem to multiply every time you go shopping, and with good reason: cannabis is beneficial to your body both inside and out.


Cannabis-Infused Edibles and Infused Beverages


Pre-dosed Infused Edibles and Infused Beverages


Infused edibles and beverages come in pre-measured doses, which is helpful for new users who want to know exactly how much of the cannabinoid THC they’re consuming. This is part of the reason cannabis-infused products are so popular with senior citizens. If you don’t like the taste of cannabis or don’t want to smoke, edibles give you the health benefits and the high. They’re also much more discreet than smoking, so you can consume them in more places.


Cannabis-Infused Topicals


Cannabis Infused Topicals


If you don’t want to feel high, try topical infusions. Cannabis-infused sugar scrubs allow you to apply cannabis oil all over your aching body. Transdermal patches allow you to apply a concentrated dose to a specific painful area, such as a strained muscle. Be aware, however, that transdermals allow the THC to reach the bloodstream, which means you can start to feel high from wearing one.


Cannabis Infused Skin Care Products


Cannabis Infused Beauty and Health Products


As more people discover the health benefits of topical cannabinoid CBD, cannabis has made its way into the beauty industry.  Now you can have a luxury cannabis-infused facial, purchase a seven-step cannabis-infused skincare system, or just buy a jar of infused eye cream at the health-food store. With the anti-inflammatory and potential anti-aging effects of CBD, it just makes sense to use it on your skin. Or, if you’re looking for more intimate personal-care products, try infused lube (warning: never use oil-based lubes with condoms!), and tampon-shaped suppositories to help relieve menstrual cramps. There’s no part of your body that can’t benefit from some form of cannabis, and cannabis-infused products make those benefits accessible to more people. Be aware that the CBD in these products is extracted from hemp, and is often imported. It’s not regulated to the same standards as medical and recreational marijuana, which means it’s not as pure or potent.


Medical Cannabis for Pets


CBD-infused Pet Food for Dogs


They also extend the benefits to animals. There aren’t quite as many cannabis-infused products for pets as for people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get CBD dog treats. You can also buy simple gel-caps filled with infused oil to puncture and squeeze over your pet’s food. CBD-infused products can help treat seizures and ease joint pain in senior dogs and cats; however, just as people should see a doctor, animals should see a vet before using cannabis as medicine. If your vet approves the treatment, and you have access to a dispensary, purchase pet products there – again, this is because of the regulation standards.


A good budtender in a licensed dispensary can help you choose the best medicine and explain how to use it. Access their knowledge to ensure you’re buying the purest, most potent cannabis products.


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