Last minute gifts for the cannabis aficionado in your life

Last minute gifts for the cannabis aficionado in your life

We’ve all been guilty of procrastinating, and the holidays are no different. Is your friend, family, significant other or loved one 420 Friendly? If so, we’ve got you covered.


Puffco Peak


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Vaporizers


This on-the-go dabber is an essential for the concentrate consumer. Battery-powered, it is ideal for travel and for those constantly on the go. With a variety of glass and base colors to choose from, you can customize it to your preferences. Don’t forget to add the travel kit, which includes a carb cap tether, backpack attachment to store a dab tool, and cotton swabs, splash cap to protect the Peak from falls and an atomizer cover. They offer payment plans to make it easier to manage during the costly holiday season. In addition to the included glass piece, many glassblowers are now making fitted Puffco peak attachments that you can find at local smoke shops if you’re looking for something more unique and one of a kind. Check out Big Al’s in Berkeley for a selection of custom attachments.

Where to buy Puffco Peak:




Canndescent Holiday Gift box

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Holiday Cannabis Gift Box



When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the true Cannabis connoisseur in your life, nothing beats top-shelf weed. Canndescent, a well-known and sought-after cannabis brand identifies their cannabis by desired effect rather than strain. The goal of this is to determine what someone is looking for based on how they want to feel. Canndescent recently released their first limited-edition holiday gift box. Each box includes their high-grade cannabis, organic hemp wick, rolling papers, crutches and matches. There are two- and five-jar sets. The five-jar set includes each variety they offer: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. By focusing on the effect rather than a strain name, Canndescent makes it easier for even the most novice consumer to find something right for them.

Where to buy Canndescent Gift Box:



Om Edibles Olive Oil and Medicated Bath Soak


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Bath Salts



You can’t talk about cannabis topicals and edibles without mentioning Om edibles. Founded in 2008, Om edibles is an all-female run company that produces only the highest-quality products. Their entire line is so incredible that it was really hard to narrow it down to just one, so I picked two. Oms medicated bath soak is a perfect introductory gift for the soon to be connoisseur. (That means you, Grandma.) Containing CBD, THC, Epson salt and essential oils, these soaks are perfect for those dealing with aches, pains and stress without the psychoactivity. Available in Rose Geranium, Lemon Ginger and Eucalyptus, Lavender, Athletic and Fragrance free, there’s something for everyone.


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Cannabis Infused Olive Oil


For the edible-lover in your life, what better gift could there be than medicated olive oil? OM edibles Extra Virgin olive oil contains 100mg of THC per 2 oz. bottle. Whether you want to take your holiday plate of food up a notch by drizzling the medicated oil over it or want to cook a full-blown infused dinner, this oil is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Where to buy OM Edibles:




Heavy Hitters 2.2 Gram Cartridges


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Cannabis Cartridges 2g


As one of the best-selling cartridges in the entire state, Heavy Hitters’ 2.2-gram cartridge is perfect for the frequent consumer. The original high-potency vape cartridge brand, uses cold-filtered, clean green-certified distillate for the best possible vaping experience. With a large variety of strains, THC routinely exceeding 80% and a generous quantity price break, it doesn’t get much better. 


Where to buy Heavy Hitters 2.2 Gram Cartridge:




Raw Garden Diamond Sauce


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Cannabis Concentrates


Can’t afford diamonds for the one you love this holiday season? Don’t you worry, because we’ve got you covered with the next best thing! And we promise that these diamonds are ethically produced. Raw Garden has been around since 2011, bringing us exceptional product at wholesale prices. Their mission is to provide clean and accessible cannabis products to the masses.  Their sauces have rich terpene profiles and are crafted with single-source, clean, green-certified fresh frozen flowers. With a large variety of strains, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to check out their Zookies, which was just recently awarded 2nd place for Best Sauce at the Emerald Cup.

Where to Buy raw Garden Diamond Sauce:




West Coast Sunrise Holiday 1/8ths


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Holiday 1/8ths



Located in West Oakland, West Coast Sunrise specializes in environmentally conscience high grade cannabis. Their team has been cultivating since 2010 and they’re incredibly passionate about what they do.  A budtender favorite, the Mimosa, from Symbiotic genetics has an overwhelming citrusy flavor and is an ideal day time strain. For those who prefer to consume before spending time around family, many find the mimosa to be uplifting without being overly stimulating and optimal for social settings. So, you’ll be happy to answer all of your Aunts questions. For the holidays, West Coast Sunrise has select strains packaged in special holiday gift jars making it perfect for that last-minute present. You don’t have to wrap it, you just have to roll it.

Where to buy west Coast Sunrise:


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About the author

Katie Rabinowitz is a long time cannabis advocate and aficionado, and is General Manager at Magnolia Wellness dispensary in Oakland, CA.

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