Oaklahoma and Nebraska v Colorado will not be heard by SCOTUS

Oaklahoma and Nebraska v Colorado will not be heard by SCOTUS

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  • March 22, 2016
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SCOTUS will not hear Nebraska and Oaklahoma v ColoradoOaklahoma and Nebraska sued Colorado over their recreational cannabis laws

Today marks another landmark victory for the cannabis industry as the Supreme Court has voted not to take on Colorado status of legal recreational cannabis.  Over a year ago, Nebraska and Oaklahoma filed a lawsuit claiming Colorado's new laws are harming their ability to control the drugs flow acorss the border.  With its status as a schedule 1 drug, there case claims Colorado's laws are unconstitutional and by not following the Controlled Substance Act, their states are being harmed as a result.  Neither state is very friendly to medical marijuana, Oaklahoma has HB2154 (Katie's Law) which allows medical cannabis oil to be used in emergencies and clinial trials, while Nebraska has LB643/AM1722 which may soon allow medical cannabis for those in serious need.  Had the Supreme Court gone on to decide on this case, it could have potentially jeopardized the entire industry.  With this decision, Colorado has taken one step forward to battling the challenges to its adult use laws.  There are currently up to 3 more similar cases against Colorado in litigation currently and the council for this case already plans to appeal the decision.    



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