Strain Profile: Superman OG

Strain Spotlight: Superman OG

Superman OG Strain Review and Breakdown


As long time Superman fans, a strain named for the iconic superhero garners much attention. As the strongest man in the world, Superman's legendary status gives high hopes for this strain which at first seems to be yet another OG phenotype renamed and claimed, but oh no.. it is not.


Superman OG is a chunky, pungent, trichrome-covered strain with hints of sweet skunkiness, pine and pepper. Each bud separated is just an frosty as the outside if not more densely so. The Bubba Kush comes out with its darker hue and overly frosted appearance lending to its highly sedative properties. The Tahoe OG lineage makes its presence known with a relaxing yet powerful head high making it ideal for relieving Stress, Anxiety and uplifting your mood.


The Effects of Superman OG exhibits some of the best Indica-Hybrid qualities to date


Superman OG has higher levels of Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene and beta Caryophyllene., which are all highly beneficial terpenes, making it a powerfully sedating strain on the mind and body. While it may not send higher tolerance patients straight to bed as it does for newer and lower tolerance patients, it will have a heavy relaxing effect that is amplified by the uplifting effects as any sour mood melts away with the stress and tension. For patients looking for that all over body and head high strain with long lasting effects, high THC, a great smell and even better flavor, this connoisseur strain is for you.


Medical Benefits of Superman OG:


Anxiety with its high levels of beta Caryophyllene, but the most benefits come from the Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Antibacterial and Analgesic properties of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Superman OG also acts a strong Anti-Proliferative, inhibiting the growth and mutation of cancer cells and giving the body extra support through its Immuno and Neuro Protective properties.


Origin of Superman OG:

The origin of Superman OG are debated but the consensus is that it is a cross of Bubba Kush and Tahoe OG which each have similar traits that are exhibited within this strain. The Bubba Kush is


Terpenes within Superman OG:


Superman OG has highly sedating, relaxing and mood altering terpenes present as well as Cancer fighting and protective properties.


  • Limonene - Antidepressant – Antifungal – Anti-Inflammatory – Anti-Proliferative – Anxiolytic – Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux – Immunostimulant 

  • Pinene - Analgesic – Antibacterial – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-Proliferative – Antioxidant

  • Humulene - Analgesic – Antibacterial – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-Proliferative – Anorectic

  • Myrcene - Analgesic – Antibacterial – Anti-Diabetic – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-Insomnia – Anti-Proliferative/Anti-Mutagenic - Antipsychotic – Antispasmodic


Cannabinoids within Superman OG:

Superman OG has highly sedating, relaxing and mood altering terpenes present as well as Cancer fighting and protective properties.


  • THCa - Analgesic – Anti-Emetic – Anti-Inflammatory – Anti-Insomnia – Anti-Proliferative – Antispasmodic – Neuroprotective 

  • THC D9 - Analgesic – Anti-Emetic – Anti-Proliferative – Antioxidant – Antispasmodic – Anxiolitic – Appetite Stimulant - Euphoriant – Neuroprotective 

  • CBDa - Antibacterial – Anti-Emetic – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-Proliferative

  • CBD – Analgesic – Antibacterial – Anti-Diabetic – Antidepressant – Anti-Emetic – Anti-Epileptic – Anti-inflammatory – Anti-Insomnia – Anti-Ischemic – Antipsioratic – Anti-Proliferative – Antipsychotic – Antioxidant – Antispasmodic – Anxiolitic – Bone Stimulant – Immunosuppressive – Intestinal Anti-Prokinetic – Neuroprotective – Vasorelaxant


Recommended times of use:


  • Evening after a long day to help your body relax and unwind or preparing for bed
  • Night, just before bed to help keep a restful sleep.
  • When higher levels of pain and rest management are needed during the day.
  • After extremely tense situations to calm down your nerves and body.


Summary of Superman OG:


Superman OG is a shining example of what a good Indica-Hybrid can be exibiting traits that are typically available in only Indica strains including inflammatory, pain and insomnia relief   When you need the rest and relaxation, Superman OG is there.



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