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Too high? 7 ways to bring down your high

Too high?  7 ways to bring down your high

Bring down your high to manageable levels

Feeling a little too high? Most cannabis consumers have over-consumed at some point. An unexpected overconsumption can have disastrous effects for new or low tolerance consumers. The result can be an uncomfortable overwhelming feeling that can make you feel paranoid, queasy, fatigued, nauseous and more. Whether it was when we first experimented, during an overindulgent session or due to mislabeled cannabinoid amounts in products, finding yourself in this unexpected situation is easier than you think. Don't worry, there are many ways to help bring that high down and reduce the nasty feeling of overconsumption.

Over consuming cannabis can lead to feeling too high, rapid heart rate, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and paranoia.

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How easy is it to over consume cannabis?

Cannabis products are not regulated nationwide by the FDA and as such are notorious for having mis-stated medicinal amounts and uneven homogeny. Homogeny is the equal distribution of ingredients within a product like a candy bar. Without homogenization, one end of the candy bar may have a higher concentration of active ingredients than the other end. Over-the-counter medications and prescriptions are required to provide exact dosages by the FDA. Without FDA regulation, products from state to state can vary widely in quality. Indeed there are plenty of stories of consumers taking one single 5-10mg candy only to find themselves waking up the day, still high and groggy. This can ruin your patterned sleep, make for a very lazy day or in severe cases, lead to the negative side effects discussed above.

So what do you do when this happens?

What to do if someone is too high on edibles, concentrates or flowers

The first thing to do is calm down. Cannabis overconsumption can manifest like an anxiety attack with a rapid heart rate and feelings of paranoia. First thing to remember is that there are NO reports of cannabis overdose related deaths. The amount needed to overdose on cannabis much higher than the amount one person is able to consume. When panic strikes, try to remember, just as the sun rises everyday, you will come down soon.

Increase your CBD levels

Cannabidiol, or CBD, works differently than its psychoactive cousin, THC. While THC binds with the CB1 to induce the euphoric effect, CBD counteracts the ability of THC to bind. This is why high CBD strains with lower quantities of THC than CBD have little to no high. By introducing more CBD into your system with a help-derived CBD sublingual product or vape pen, the effects of the THC can be counteracted reducing your symptoms and effects of over-consumption. This is the most widely used method within the cannabis industry to bring a high down to manageable levels.

Drink some water

If introducing additional CBD into your system is not possible, finding ways to relax your body and mind are the next best methods. Drinking some cool water has a soothing and cooling effect on your body that can help ease your mind.

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Eat Some Food

Eating food has a similar soothing effect on your body and can help decrease the time needed for your body to metabolize the cannabinoids in your bloodstream. Eating food also has a pleasurable effect that may help take the affected user’s mind off of the effects, at least temporarily.

Take a Shower

A shower is more of a therapeutic method when feeling too high. The hope is that a cool or luke-warm shower will help ease any symptoms. Hot showers are not recommended as they can exacerbate fatigue and nausea. Do not take a hot bath as this can be dangerous and lead to falling asleep (ie. drowning).

Listen to Music

Much like a shower, listening to music is a therapeutic exercise for your mind. Relaxing music can have a positive effect on your mind and body and help center your thoughts elsewhere.

Go To Sleep

If your body is sleepy or highly fatigued, this may be a sign that it’s just simply time to let sleep help you get through the rest of the experience. Depending on how much you over-consumed, you may feel some lingering effects when you awaken much like a light hangover. A little food and hydration should help when feeling too high.

Ride It Out

The last thing is to simply ride it out. The effects will fade in time. Highs from inhaled products such as vaporizers or flowers are shorter than ingested products like edibles. Within 1-4 hours, the effects should begin to fade enough to relax and settle down.

Sum it up…

Over-consuming cannabis is not fun, but is not deadly. Remember that when you or your friends experience this and you can get through it. Being prepared is the best idea and if you are new to cannabis or have a low tolerance, keeping a source of CBD nearby is a great way to help balance your cannabis therapy.