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Ibudtender has developed a proprietary system for instilling integrity within competition judging.  Our one-of-a-kind system allows judges to log in confidentially and record their votes securely online allowing for complete transparency during the event and after.  We would like to invite you to learn about our system and let us show you what Ibudtender Event Voting can do for you.

Judging with ease

Ibudtender's Voting Platform can handle as many judges as an event needs.  Judges securely log in to a private area and only have access to the event they are assigned. They cannot see any details event organizers do not want them to see creating a true blind testing experience when desired.  Judges can easily keep track of what they have and need to vote on.  Categories can be easily sorted and searched.  No one but approved judges can see this area.


Judges rate each entry on a 5 attribute system.  These attributes can be modifed to meet your needs and desires. Judges will score each attribute on a 1-10 rating.  After the entry has been voted on, the entry will remain updateable until the event voting closes.


Judges and Event Organizers can comment, share and communicate with other judges privately within the system and information and documents can be easily communicated and sent to all judges at once on the system dashboard.  Test results can be shared privately during testing as well and not be made public until the event organizer chooses.

Event Organizer Monitoring

Our voting platform also has a Event Organizer admin area where organizers can view and monitor the results live.  They can see individual scores by judges and see who is voting and who is not by clicking on each judge or entry.  


Safety has become a concern for many judges.  While solvent concentrates many times prove to be microbiologically free, other products such as flowers and edibles can become highly suspect for judges, especially when packaging and presentation suffers.  Ibudtender is based on safety and we can help show the judges that the products are safe and nor harmful by creating links to test previous test results that will show the judges that the product has at the minimum a history of being consistent and safe.  

Social Sharing

Since we are a dedicated cannabis information resource, we also have access to all the users who visit our site and love to view and share competition entries and events.  Entrants share their entries throughout the competition.  Since we have their profiles as well, users can view more of the contestant's information abd learn about their products or services.  Each entry is linked to the entry company profile on Ibudtender.


We offer the ability to show overall and individual attribute scoring as well to conduct full audits of the votes.  We take pride in the fact that all elements of the voting can be shown if desired which often lends credit to the event, especially after when entrants want to know how they lost.  If you choose not to publish individual attribute scores and use overall scores instead, we can always send full results to an entrant company after the competition is over if desired so they know how well they did in the competition.


Any and all information can be easily hiddden as well as unhidden at any time during the event or following announcement of the winners.  We keep all event information private at all times and have a NDA agreement to faciliate the legalities of this. 


The biggest asset Ibudtender's voting system provides events is INTEGRITY.  Since we are a 3rd party, non-biased source, we give the competition a boost of confidence.  Indeed we have heard many times that people, mostly vendors, feel many of the competitions are tampered with to promote those who spend the most.  We have help eliminate that idea since the voting is done completely online and can be audited when necessary to prove any and all results and we have turned many skeptical vendors into entrants because of this  We have worked with 100's of vendors at this point and have only heard positive comments about how we help facilitate professional competition atmosphere.  We have worked directly with SC Labs on all Hempcon Cup Events as well as within the industry.  

And best of all... did we mention it looks really COOL!  We have had judges and visitors comment on how well presented our information, events and platforms are as well as easy to use and navigate.  We are a growing centralized resource for the medical cannabis community and with our growing userbase it really makes sense for us to work directly with event competitions who want to communicate directly with future tickets buyers and event exhibitors.  If you have any questions about the system or would like to take a tour of the front end and admin area, then please let us know and we can set up an appointment to facilitate this.  


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