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Which Digestive Support Formula Is Right For You?


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We are happy to announce your search for an effective digestive support product is over!  Let us introduce BioCBD+™  Digestive Support 1st & 2nd Phases – the patented, all-natural, water-soluble CBD in nanoparticle size, combined with our proprietary blend of Ayurvedic herbs.  Over 27 years of biomedicine experience went into the research and development of these special products, and after one month of taking “1st Phase”, you’ll know for certain these products work.

Simply put, take “1st Phase”, 1 capsule up to 3x daily (depending upon severity of your symptoms), for up to 30 days and no more –discontinue use after 30 days – then switch to “2nd Phase” for year-round, daily maintenance.  The licorice root used in just “1st Phase” is not recommended for long term use, nor people with existing heart conditions, but is vital to the healing process.

After your 30-day run of “1st Phase”, switch over to “2nd Phase” to enjoy year-round, daily maintenance without the licorice root.

              1st Phase                                   2nd Phase

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