High Times US Cannabis Cup winds down

High Times US Cannabis Cup winds down

High Times US Cannabis Cup winds down

High Times US Cannabis Cup CancelledHigh Times has had a rough time moving their US Cannabis Cup to Las Vegas.  It all started a few weeks ago when the Nevada Attorney General sent a letter informing High Times and the Moapa tribe that the event could be in violation of federal law even thought they were hosting the event in a state that has voted to legalized medical and recreational cannabis.  High Times in turn informed their vendors, entertainers and attendees that they would need to follow all local, state and federal laws.  In essence, leave the cannabis at home.

Day one of the event went off pretty well with a crowd enthused to see Ludricris and trying to adapt to the new setting.  Attendees appeared happy posting videos of the event to Facebook and Instagram during the concerts and throughout the day.  No federal enforcement threatened to shut them down as feared so all in all, it appeared as though High Times might continue.

The event that had been restricted to a music festival with display only booths was hit even harder by mother nature who in a cruel twist made it impossible to continue despite the fact that the looming threat had been law enforcement.  When it rains it pours, or in this case, gets extremely windy.  Day two was cancelled due to high winds adding to the event coordinators whoas and sending vendors and attendees packing.  

The past year has been a test of High Times' ability to adapt and innovate as more and more cannabis events spring up, many with their own competitions all competing for the same audiences.    


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