San Francisco hospital is pushing for on-site cannabis consumption

San Francisco hospital is pushing for on-site cannabis consumption

San Francisco hospital is pushing for on-site cannabis consumption

 When it comes to medications administered to patients in a healthcare facility, you won't currently find any kind of cannabis-related medicine. But a doctor at Marin General Hospital in San Francisco is looking to change that. Dr. Larry Bedard is a retired ER physician who now holds a seat on the Marin Healthcare District Board and is pushing for patients to be allowed to consume cannabis on-site, but only in the form of edibles.


Bedard says, “We ought to be on the cutting edge for our patients, allowing them to openly and appropriately use medical cannabis. I want to have Marin General be the first hospital in California to openly and transparently allow patients to use medical cannabis.”


Dr. Bedard will be going before the board this week to introduce a proposal, urging them to conduct research into the legal implications of allowing patients to use marijuana edibles while staying at the hospital. He states that there are already patients using edibles that have been brought to them by family or friends who come to visit.


Lynnette Shaw, owner of the first Marin County dispensary in 1997 says that she has brought edibles to patients and that most of the doctors there are completely aware of it.


According to Shaw; “This is something they know about. I think it's time for Marin General to step up, because this is a revolution for better health. For goodness sake, help the patients!”


But other board members are requesting more information on the subject. They are concerned about reaction from state and federal authorities which could possibly lead them to losing their Medi-Cal funding.


Bedard is convinced though, that, “the DEA will never recognize cannabis as an allopathic medicine.” He says, “They are frozen into one medicine: one drug and one pill or one injection.”

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