Aurora Indica


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Aurora Indica Strain Information

What is
Aurora Indica?

Cannabinoid Snapshot

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D8 THC 0%
D9 THC 0%
THCa 0%
THCv 0%
THCva 0%
CBD 0%
CBDa 0%
CBN 0%
CBNa 0%






          Aurora Indica is a highly reviewed and highly sought after indica cannabis strain with a 95.2% approval rating.           Aurora Indica has an average of 17% THC, 0% CBD and 0% CBN. Aurora Indica most often smells and tastes Spicy, Mango and Diesel. Effects patients report from Aurora Indica are Body High, Couchlock, Head High, Hungry, Relaxed Body, Relaxed Mind, Sleepy, Tingly. Aurora Indica has been reported to help relieve symptoms of Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Cachexia, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Crohn's Disease, Diabetes, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Glaucoma, Hepatitis, High Blood Pressure, HIV/AIDS, Insomnia, Irregular Bowel Movements, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Paranoia, Paraplegia, PMS, PTSD, Quadriplegia, Shingles, Spasticity, Tremors, Tumors, Weight Loss.

          Possibly Nirvana Seeds most potent indica, Aurora Indica exhibits the classic Indica sedative traits making it great for evening and night use.

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Aurora Indica by Nirvana Seeds.  Full details, test results, directions and availability.
Aurora Indica Strain Data

Aurora Indica
Effects and Medical Benefits

Patients report Aurora Indica has the following effects:

Patients report Aurora Indica helps relieve these symptoms:

Patients report Aurora Indica helps relieve symptoms of these conditions:

Aurora Indica Strain Reviews

Aurora Indica

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Based on 21 ratings






One of my favorite bud. The best time to smoke this for me was after a long day at work. Just kick back and smoke completely relax.

awass1996 @ 29 Apr 2016 07:57PM

Port St Lucie, FL

Very flavorful, deep and rich across the tip of the tongue with a slightly tingling exhalation. Bag smell was wonderful. Burn was even better. Piney fragrance that quickly dissipates. A brief flash of euphoria followed by a total body relaxation that presents you with the option of slumber or stimulating conversation with others. All pain in the body is dispatched for 2+ hours. I doubled down on this strain as it...

hemed1995 @ 02 Mar 2016 06:57PM

Houston, TX

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Aurora Indica Genetics and Origin

Aurora Indica
Genetics and Origin

Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light.

Coming Soon

Aurora Indica Grow Info

Aurora Indica Strain
Growing Tips

Its plants stay short, producing heavy colas and dense buds.

Where to buy Aurora Indica

Where to buy
Aurora Indica

Michigan Chronic Relief

Michigan Chronic Relief

18207 West 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI
381.51 miles away

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Aurora Indica Strain Test Data

Aurora Indica Strain
Test Data

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