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Purple Cheese is considered more indica than sativa thanks to the dominant Cheese genetics and delivers a strong, classic intense body stone. High levels of CBD will make this strain a contender for medicinal use. There is a slight fruity taste to the smoke with musty overtones of the original Cheese. Purple Cheese can develop blue/purple hues in both buds and leaves and colder night time temperatures will make the purple more vibrant and extensive.

Appearance and Aroma

Fruit Cheese Musk

Purple Cheese is a cross of and Blue Cheese.

I purchased this under the name "Purple Chedda". Yes, chedda, not cheddar :-) The effects are just as listed in the description. I suffer from arthritis and anxiety (wow, what a rickety old mess I sound!) and this soothed my mind then the pain then I'm pretty sure I stared at the buffering sphere on my laptop for a few minutes before realizing the computer had gone offline. Smoke this when you've nowhere ...

heamose @ 06 May 2016 07:57PM

Washington, DC

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