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Skunk #1 Strain Review and Information

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Skunk #1 is renowned for its relaxing yet happy, uplifting effects. It can provide relief from a variety of symptoms and conditions depending upong the dosage ingested.

Appearance and Aroma

Skunk Sweet Earthy


Skunk #1 is a cross of Columbian Gold and Afghani.

This strain's offspring are Skin's Skunk (Indica-Hybrid), 8 Mile (Indica), Red Bull (Sativa-Hybrid), Big Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Kandy Kush x Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Swazi Safari (Sativa), Durban Poison (Sativa), Sweet Haze (Sativa), Super Silver Haze (Sativa-Hybrid), Skunk 47 (Sativa), Orange Bud (Sativa), Euforia (Sativa), FOG (Fruit of the Gods) (Sativa-Hybrid), Blue Dot (Sativa-Hybrid), Silver Haze (Sativa-Hybrid), Shaman (Sativa-Hybrid), Royal Dwarf (Sativa-Hybrid), Elvis (Sativa-Hybrid), Tangie (Sativa-Hybrid), Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Orange Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), J1 (Sativa-Hybrid), The Real McCoy (Sativa-Hybrid), The OG Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Silver Pearl (Sativa-Hybrid), Purple Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Lemon Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), Hawaiian Skunk (Sativa-Hybrid), BC Roadkill (Sativa-Hybrid), LSD (Hybrid), Jack Herer (Hybrid), Royal Kush (Hybrid), Richie Rich (Hybrid), OGeisel (Hybrid), Chronic (Hybrid), Amnesia (Hybrid), Rene (Indica-Hybrid), M-39 (Indica-Hybrid), Red Cherry Berry (Indica-Hybrid), Pineapple Chunk (Indica-Hybrid), Master Skunk (Indica-Hybrid), California Grapefruit (Indica-Hybrid), Afghani Bullrider (Indica-Hybrid), Skunk #11 (Indica-Hybrid), Critical Bilbo (Indica-Hybrid), Super Skunk (Indica-Hybrid), Red Dwarf (Indica-Hybrid), Nordle (Indica-Hybrid), Kahuna (Indica-Hybrid), Grape Skunk (Indica-Hybrid), Critical Mass (Indica-Hybrid), Cheese (Indica-Hybrid), Big Bang (Indica-Hybrid), Shiva Skunk (Indica-Hybrid), Shit (Indica-Hybrid), Shark Shock (Indica), Kandahar (Indica), Holland's Hope (Indica), Anesthesia (Indica), Grape Ape (Indica), Americano (Indica),

Skunk #1 Seeds

The best looking plant in the garden...These ladies look like 4 foot high model rockets about to blast off...The buds are long and make nice 1.5-2" t hick spears around 5-10"long...The leaves are a definite hybrid with a very small size even for the big ladies. Yeilds were never that impressive; however, the buds are SO tasty. Smell was incredibly DANK smelling and stinky, yet, juicy. I grew all live organic fox fa...

subjes @ 05 May 2016 07:57PM

Holmes City, MN

No lab analysis available

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